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Lutefisk & Norwegian Meatball Dinner
Held on the evening of November 23, 2002
at the Calvary Lutheran Church in Eureka

This was sponsored by Fram 13 Lodge, Sons of Norway, and Calvary Lutheran Church

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At the serving window is the cooking crew & their spiritual leader. Left to right are Joanne, Pastor Holmquist, Doris, Carol & Pat - left background is Joanne & Carol's cousin Marilyn Gallagher who came all the way from Sacramento to roll meatballs! Pat Ponnay arranges some of the tasty holiday cookies that will be served for desert.  Everyone waits for the lutefisk to be ready.


Sisters Joanne Walsh & Carol Daniels continue with the meal preparations. Class member, Doris Hickerson, can be seen in the dining area wearing an attractive Norwegian sweater.


Lodge & class members gather before the meal. Seated L to R: Dottie & Ron Nelson & Dorothy & Terry Iversen; standing L-R: David Iversen, Sue Bialous & her 3 daughters, Elyse, Melanie & Kira.


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The ladies are very busy while the serving starts. 


Pat stands by the with the sauce while Terry digs in to the lutefisk tray!

Posing here with Pat & the lutefisk are Phyllis Carr and Don Fidgeland (long term Lodge member).

At an "overflow" table we find Kira,** David, Elyse, Sue, Carol, Marilyn, Pat & Melanie (foreground).

** Everyone was delighted when Kira pronounced that she "absolutely LOVED" the lutefisk!!

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