Sons of Norway -- FRAM Lodge No. 13

Eureka, California



Volume 2 - Upper floor photos, paintings & artifacts


These pictures and artifacts can be found displayed upstairs in the Norway Hall.  Proper identification and documentation will continue.  Photos of other Lodge treasures will be added later.

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A 45" x 34" woven tapestry of unknown origin depicting the National Arms of Norway (Norwegian Civic Heraldry)

A 27" x 21" original oil painting of charter member & 1st woman president, Mrs. A. C. (Thora) Larsen, in her Hardanger bunad. Painted by Lethea Larsen.

A 10" x27" old print of Viking ships.




A display shelf in the upstairs room.




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Fram 13 Ladies' Drill Team.

Fram 13 Men's Drill Team Men's Singing Society.
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A plaque presented to the Lodge by the District 6 Board of Directors for the hosting of the 1992 District Convention.

Alora Larsen's tapestries depicting two old Norwegian fishermen. These old beautiful works of local fabric art are a bit faded, but still precious.

"In Recognition of 80 years in Eureka" - A plaque presented to the Lodge in 1990 by the City of Eureka, long term mayor Fred Moore presenting.
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Fram 13 Charter - Men's




Lodge Service Flag - World War I - Olaf Christensen, Alfred Thompsen, Peder Holt, Harry Lee, Oscar Halsebo, Martin Jensen, Karl Nielsen, Kristian Lund, Jacob Christensen, Hans Thompson, Nils Pedersen, Magnus Ruud, Haakan Thompsen, Charles Knutsen, Lars Thompsen, Alfred Johnsen, & Rudolf Hansen. Lodge Service Flag - World War II - Sven Anderson, Carl L. Christensen, Thor Moe, Harvey L. Larsen, Toralf W. Lee, Herman Hansen, ErlingSampson, Willard E. Iversen, Arthur Christensen, Charles Hansen, Conrad Hansen, George A. Johansen, Peder M. Jensen, Konrad Johansen, Leonard Moe & Gilbert J. Madsen.

Women's Charter - Solveig Lodge No. 8, Daughters of Norway.




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Lodge "drawing" barrel, constructed & painted by Erling Daastol. Metal Viking boat sculpture. Viking boat model & "Norwegian Rolling Pin"

Lodge's trophy case.

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