Name:                     Anders Knudsen SLOGVIG1,2,3

Sex:                         Male

Father:                    Knud Andersen KLEIBERG (abt 1735 - Dec 1797)

Mother:                  Malene Stensdtr VASSENDEN (1750 - 1835)


Individual Facts

Birth                       1775                                                        Aksland, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway

Baptism                  30 Jan 1775 (age 0)

Death                     1848 (age 73)                                         Slogvik, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway



1. Anna Jacobsdatter FIKSTVEDT (FIKSTVEIT)

Marriage                7 Jan 1798 (age 23)                               Skjold, Rogaland Co., Norway


Children                 Knud (Knut) Anderson SLOGVIG (1797 - 10 Jan 1867)

                                Jakob SLOGVIG (1800 - died young)

                                Inger Andersdatter  SLOGVIG (1801 - 1840)

                                Malene Andersdatter SLOGVIG (1804 - 20 Sep 1863)

                                Jacob Anderson SLOGVIG (8 Jun 1807 - 6 May 1864)

                                Anders Andersen SLOGVIG (1812 - 1891)


Notes (Individual)

General: He was a resident of the farm area of Slogvig, Tysær Parish, Rogaland fylke, Norway.  He was a member of a 'bonde' family (farmers owning land).  As the oldest son, he inherited the farm. (Slooper book)

"He got a deed in 1799 at the settlement of the estate of his father for 280 dollars.  In 1802 he sold three barrels of corn and got 18 barrels or 6 foll.  They fed a horse, 3 cows, 3 heifers, 18 sheep and goats.  On the farm, wood to burn and grazing were fairly poor.  The mill was almost enough for the house.  There were two tenant farms that belonged to the farm paying 6 dollars yearly.  the assessment for the whole farm was then 250 dollars.  Anders paid 10 dollars for the silver tax in 1816 -- a pretty high tax." (Tysvær bygdebok #2)

He was listed in the Norwegian 1801 census, Stavanger Co., Schiold Parish, Tysvær subparish, Slogviig farm, as age 26, Head of household and a Farmer.


Three of Knud & Anna's children were early emigrants to America (Jacob, Knud  & Malene).  Youngest son Anders was an early Quaker in Lutheran Norway.




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3.  Copies of draft pages from the soon to be published Nedstrand bygdebok.  Pages given to Keith Wheeler by Sigmar Myhre of Nedstrand on 10 Jul 2000.


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