The Slogviks visit the Wheelers - Summer 2002


July 16 through 18

Rotraud, Cheryl, and Einar apply the finishing touches to Keith's birthday cake, a VERY special kransekake smuggled all the way from Norway in a suitcase for the occasion.

Uncharacteristic for Keith, he is speechless upon being presented with this magnificent piece of Norwegian culinary art work.

After a birthday breakfast and tasty kransekake, Einar poses between two ladies with Mount Rushmore t-shirts - then is is time to be on the road and head in to Eureka.

The Eagle House is a  fine hotel in Eureka.  Here we are being given the tour by eldest son Richard who is working on remodeling the downstairs into a new restaurant for Café Tomo.

Here is one of the several quite nice 4th floor Eagle House views of the Humboldt Bay.  It is unusually clear for Eureka in the summer.

As guests of honor, Einar is encouraged to fill his plate with handsome contributions from the many members of the Language class.  The top two rings of the kransekakke were delivered to our ailing teacher, Erling Daastol at his hospital room and were much relished.

As a tribute to Erling, the class continued and the special guests became substitute teachers for the evening.  For more potluck and class photos, see the Sons of Norway Fram Lodge #13 web site.

After a restful night beside the sound of the Moonstone Beach surf, we awoke to this pleasant view from the deck/balcony of the beach house where we stayed.

Our breakfast this morning was at the pier in Trinidad and was served by, Erica (R), the daughter and sister of our langage class members, Carol and Greta Daniels.  Humboldt county is its own small world!

Middle son Kent met us for breakfast and a walk on the pier.  Then it was off to points north where we would meet again at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon.

This excavator caught the interest of Einar. We had just bypassed many tourists taking photos of elk. The workers here couldn't understand why we wanted them instead. After explaining that elk were plentiful pests in Norway and that Einar was also in the excavator business, they had a good laugh and clearly understood.

Arriving at the Fern Canyon parking area, Einar does break down and take some photos of some elk near the beach while Rotraud takes a break.

Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park was a very peaceful and beautiful place.

Aptly named, the canyon walls were covered completely with various green and moist ferns.

Enjoying their own little microclimate, the ferns grow lush and provide a cool environment for hikers and lovers of nature.

Then there is Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox.  These talking statues grace the entrance to The Trees of Mystery, a popular place for tourists in the Redwoods. We will return here in a few days.

Einar, Rotraud and Kent enjoy a few minutes before the Irish music concert of the The Chieftains at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville, southern Oregon.  

Einar and Kent sport Chieftain T-shirts and applaud at the close of the show. It was a fine evening and fun performance. We would spend the night a little north in Roseburg, Oregon.

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