576. John RANDALL II (5)(7) was born in Jun 1666 in London, England.(3) (5) Tony Kurtz and "The Randall Line" has birth place of Westerly, RI. He died in 1720 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI.(5) (3) New England Families & Tony Kurtz has death at Stonington, CT. He first married at Stonington or Westerly in 1695, Abigail Billings (d. 1705). He was married to Mary BALDWIN on 25 Nov 1706 in Stonington, CT.

577. Mary BALDWIN (5) was born on 24 Feb 1675. If dates are not in error, she had her last child when she was 45 years old. This could very well be true as she married at age 31 and then had 8 children. Children were:

child i. Sarah #1 RANDALL was born on 10 Nov 1707 in Stonington, CT.
child288 ii. Nathan RANDALL.
child iii. Ichabod RANDALL was born on 21 Oct 1711 in Stonington, CT.
child iv. Sarah #2 RANDALL was born on 12 Mar 1714 in Stonington, CT.
child v. Joseph #1 RANDALL was born in Jun 1715 in Stonington, CT. Twin of Benjamin.
child vi. Benjamin RANDALL was born in Jun 1715 in Stonington, CT. Twin of Joseph #1.
child vii. Rebecca RANDALL was born on 31 Jul 1717.
child viii. Joseph #2 RANDALL was born on 17 Jul 1720 in Stonington, CT.

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