144. Nicholas RANDALL Sr. (5)(2) was born on 21 May 1753 in Voluntown, CT. He died on 25 Sep 1814 in Bridgewater, NY. Tony Kurtz has Bridgetown, NY, as death place. Farmer, Mason, selectman of Voluntown, assessor. "He was a farmer. He took the freeman's oath September 9, 1777; was selectman of Voluntown, 1795-97 and 1798-1804; member of the school committee, 1796-97 and 1801-02, and an assessor. He was appointed in 1803 on a committee to fix a place for holding the county and superior courts. In 1805 he removed to Bridgewater." He was married to Content PHILLIPS in Voluntown, CT.

145. Content PHILLIPS died on 14 Jan 1815 in Bridgewater, NY. She was born in Voluntown, CT. Children were:

child i. Nicholas Phillips RANDALL , Jr..
child ii. Rebecca RANDALL was born on 2 Nov 1780.
child iii. Mary RANDALL was born on 17 Jun 1782.
child72 iv. Rodney RANDALL.
child v. Jenevereth RANDALL was born about 1785.
child vi. Jason RANDALL was born on 24 Mar 1787.
child vii. Jonathan RANDALL was born on 21 Aug 1789.
child viii. John RANDALL was born on 20 Oct 1792.
child ix. Betsy RANDALL was born about 1795.
child x. Charles RANDALL was born on 20 Aug 1806.

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