Name:                     Gudrun Sæbjørnsdtr NORD-TALGJE1

Sex:                         Female

Father:                    Sæbjørn Torson Nord TALGJE (1510 - after 1578) (Son of Tore Sæbjørnson Nord-Talgje & N.N. Torgilsdtr AGA, he"was one of the richest men in western Norway in the  mid 1500's and was probably considered a member of the landed gentry." He probably descended from royal/noble families on both his father's and mother's lines)

Mother:                  NN Jonsdtr AUKLAND (bef 1515 - aft 1540) (Daughter of Jon Tollakson AUKLAND who most probably "descended from a powerful or even noble family."


Individual Facts

Birth                       abt 1538                                                 Nord-Talgje, Sjernary, Rogaland, NORWAY

Death                     abt 1617 (age 79)                                  Randa, Fister, Hjelmeland, Rogaland, NORWAY



1. Halvor

Marriage                abt 1603 ? (age 65)

Children                 Torbjørn Halvorson RANDA (    - after 1627)

                                Knut Halvorson RANDA (bef 1580 - )

                                Torbjørg (Torborg) Halvarsdtr RANDA IN FISTER (1580 -   ) married  Holger Olavsen Koll SkiftuN  and lived at Lindanger.


2. Olav Knutson HÅLAND (He was a "a local leader in rural Ryfylke in the late 1500's.")

Marriage                bef  1580 ? (age 42)2

Children                 Alv Olavson Håland

                                Sissel Olavsdtr. Håland

                                Marite Olavsdtr. Håland


3. Olav TORSON

Marriage                ("This was a childless and unhappy marriage.")           


Notes (Individual)

General:      Gudrun was an extremely wealthy woman who owned property at 11 farms in Rogaland and Hordaland, which had a combined annual income of over 15 laupar smør (old measurement of value).

     She was married three times, but only had children with her first two husbands.  It is unknown where she and her first husband lived.  Gudrun would have moved to Håland in Erfjord when she married Olav Knutsson Håland.  After he died, she appears to have been living at Randa in Fister where she inherited about 2 laupar smør from her uncle.  She operated this farm from about 1603 until at least 1613.  Between 1611 and 1613, Gudrun was involved in a messy divorce action against her third husband, Olav Torson.  The case was heard at the domkapital (Chapter House) of the Stavanger diocese.  Olav complained that Gudrun had left him and taken their property out of his control.  She answered that she wouldn't live with him because he had taken away her keys to the house, which she as the mistress of the household should have, and besides he had physically abused her.  Despite the serious complaints from both sides, the case ended with reconciliation.  The Domkapital admonished them to live together as good married folk and established a "marriage contract" for them.  But there was no peace between them and Gudrun returned to court the following year.  She complained that Olav was behaving as before and stated that she could no longer live with him as she feared for her life.  She asked the Domkapital to grant a divorce so she could live secure and happy in her old age.  Olav admitted that he had hit her once, but that was because she had assaulted him with his own dagger.  But it was her word against his and neither had any witnesses.  The Domkapital then realized that they could not live together in peace, so it was decreed that they should live apart for one year.  It was hoped that after this time they would come to their senses and be reconciled.  The financial arrangements of this separation were left to the civil court.  After the year was up, Olav petitioned the Domkapital to order Gudrun to return to him, but she refused.  Their reciprocal complaints were once more brought up, but this time Gudrun had lensmann (sheriff) Erik Byre testify that he had seen her bleeding after an assault by her husband.  Olav answered that Gudrun had inflicted the damage herself and even given him a black eye, which the parish priest could confirm.  Again the court ordered a separation, but this time for two more years.  Here the story ends and there is no record that the feuding couple ever reconciled.

     Gudrun's estate was probated on 23 April 1617, but some of her heirs were dissatisfied with the outcome and another probate had to be held on 9 December 1621 to settle the estate.



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