Name:                     Siri Ivarsdatter SELDAL1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Sex:                         Female

Father:                    Iver Ådneson (Aadnesen) SELDAL (3 Jul 1735 - 3 Nov 1823)

Mother:                  Mauta (Marte) Torgersdatter NØLAND ( - )


Individual Facts

Birth                       1770                                                        Mork, Höle (Sandnes), Rogaland, Norway

Confirm                  5 Nov 1786 (age 16)8

Death                     1829 (age 59)                                         Kendall (Murray), Orleans Co., NY9



1. Tormod Jensen MADLAND

Marriage                15 Jun 1800 (age 30)                             Norway

Children                 Martha Tormodsdatter MADLAND (abt 1800 - betw 1865 & 1875)

                                Kriste (Kristine\Christian) Tormodsdatter MADLAND (1802 - )

                                Jens Tormodsen MADLAND (1804 - 1885)

                                Rakel (Rachel) Serine MADLAND (1807 - bet 1840 and 1870)

                                Guri (Gurine\Julia) Thormodsdatter Foss-Eigeland MADLAND (10 Oct 1809 - 24 Dec 1846)

                                Serine (Serena) Tormodsdatter MADLAND (1 Jan 1814 - 7 Jan 1898) - m. Jakob Anderson SLOGVIG


Notes (Individual)

Confirmation: Her "godparents/sponsors" ("Faddere") were Gitle Hommeland, Kristofer Norland, Marta Gjesteland, Gunvor Tengesdal, and Berta Lerang

General: IMMIGRANT    SLOOPER*  -  She was listed with her husband and daughter Martha in the 1801 Norwegian census in Stavanger Co., Lye Parish, Giestdahl subparish, Madland farm, as age 31 and wife of the head of the household.   She sailed on the Sloop Restoration, 1825, to America with her husband and 3 daughters; she and her family had just settled in Murray, New York, area when she was widowed in the summer of 1826.   It has been said that she was the oldest woman among the Sloopers.  "Siri Madland and her daughters were not left to live alone.  On June 15, 1826 Gurine (her daughter) had been married to Gudmund Danielsen Haukaas.  There are indications the Madland-Haukaas family settled in the south part of the colony." (Rosdail, p. 44)    Siri died in Murray, NY, 3 years after her husband's death.

*For more information on the Sloopers see notes for Tormod Jensen MADLAND.



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