Name:                     Martha Jane ANDERSON 1,2,3,4   Click here for photo of gravestone.

Sex:                         Female

Father:                    Jacob Anderson SLOGVIG (8 Jun 1807 - 6 May 1864)

Mother:                  Serine (Serena) Tormodsdatter MADLAND (Dec 1813 - 7 Jan 1898)


Individual Facts

Birth                       12 Jun 1836                                            Fox River, LaSalle Co., IL5

Death                     16 Jul 1873 (age 37)                              Pottawattamie Co., IA

Burial                                                                                      Mormon Cemetery*, Grove Township, Pottawattamie Co., IA



1. Augustus "Gus" T. or F. WHEELER

Marriage                        1854 (age 18)                                 Wagon train, IA to CA (Family verbal tradition)

Marriage recorded        13 Dec 1857 (age 21)                   Napa, Napa Co., CA

                                                                                                (Napa Co. Marriage Index, Book A, p. 28) 

Children                 Andrew Jackson WHEELER (22 Sep 1858 - 24 Dec 1926)

                                Emma Jane WHEELER (2 Mar 1861 - 25 Nov 1940)

                                ? ? (daughter) WHEELER ( - )


2. Richard Chester HILLIARD

Marriage                1 Nov 1866 (age 30)                             Napa Co., CA

                                                                                                (Napa Co. Marriage Index, Book A, p. 176)

Children                 Albert Chester "Dick" HILLIARD (4 Jul 1867 - 12 May 1944)

                                George Alma HILLIARD (21 Dec 1871 - aft Nov 1940)


Notes (Individual)

General: "Of the Jacob Anderson children, reputedly seven girls and three boys, Sarah, the oldest died sometime after the age of 16.  Martha, the next, married Augustus T. Wheeler, who traveled in the same wagon train on the way to California in 1854." (Slooper book)


                Martha appeared with her family in the 1850 Pottawattamie Co., IA, US census as age 14.  Martha appears with her husband and 1 year old son Andrew in the 1860 US census.  At that time they were living in Yount Township north of the town of Napa, Napa Co., CA.  In the 1870 US census she was listed with her husband, Chester Hilliard, in Twp No. 1 (Jackson P.O.), Amador Co., CA.  Also listed in the family at that time was  Andrew (age 11), Emma (age 7 or 9?) and Albert (age 3).


                "Martha and Gus Wheeler settled at Jackson, Amador County, California.  They had three children before Gus was killed in a mining or lumbering accident.  (According to his obituary, Augustus died near Napa.)  Martha then married Chester Hilliard, a grape grower, and had two sons by him.  Meanwhile her mother and brother Andrew had gone back to Iowa and when Martha's health began to fail late in 1872, she became despondent and heartsick.  Taking her daughter Emma and two small sons, she went to Iowa, knowing she would probably never return.  Within about six months she died of consumption and was buried in the Mormon Cemetery just across the road at the south edge of the Anderson property." (Slooper book, pp. 426-427) 


                After her death, Martha’s 12 year old daughter Emma stayed in Iowa with her grandmother, uncle and his wife.  Emma later moved back to California with her own family when she was about 40.  The two sons she had by Chester Hilliard, Dick (Albert Chester) and George, returned to their father in California after their mother's death.  They were raised in Amador Co. until Chester Hilliard died in 1879; they were then sent to live with their aunt, Martha's sister Isabelle Anderson Oaks, near Paskenta in Tehama Co., CA.  Martha’s oldest son, Andrew Jackson Wheeler, was about 14 ½ when his mother died.  It is believed he stayed in California, probably with his step-father, later settling in Newville, Glenn Co., where he started his family.


                In 1999 her weathered Iowa grave stone read, "MARTHA WIFE OF HILLIARD, Died July 16, 1873, aged 37 years 1 mo. & 4 days. She is not dead but sleeping." (* Reportedly being buried in the Mormon Cemetery in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, does not indicate that Martha was an LDS member, as this cemetery was named for being on the Mormon trail, not for the Mormon Church.)


Notes (Family #2)

Marriage: [Married by Justice G. W. Towle.  Marriage information found in list of 1866 marriages contracted in Napa Co. in the Napa Daily Evening Reporter, 4 Jan 1867, p. 2, col. 2.]



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