Day 1 - Harissa restaurant at top of the Telepherique & bottom of the Funicular.

Thanks to an e-mail received from travel writer Terry Carter in November 2003, we now have the name for this restaurant with the most fantastic view. It is:

Panorama – Harissa
Les Restaurants du Téléferique
09 263 915 and (mobile) 03 607 370

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High above the city of Jounieh, at the terminus of the famous cable car "Telepherique," Patrick pauses outside the entrance of a great restaurant. We only wish we had the name of this establishment... We chose the outside balcony with the most fantastic view. Beyond Patrick can be seen the northern end of the Jounieh Bay.


Here is Keith with the same background view of the Bay, the Mediterranean & the famous Casino du Liban almost visible at the far end of the Bay. At the end of Day 7, we would be down there looking up toward this spot.
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Keith checks his camera with a beautiful & very tasty traditional mezze meal before him. On his plate & in the basket are triangular pieces of flat bread - the 2 round dishes of dip material are hummus & moutabbal (eggplant) - in center is a plate of tabouleh with lettuce leaves that can also be used for dipping - stuffed grape leaves are on the far right. Here we persuade our very personable waiter to join Patrick for this photo...

As business here was light this day, we were able to have a very interesting conversation with this friendly & helpful fellow.


... and then another photo with Keith. Sadly, we did not obtain his name or address.

Can you furnish us with the name of our waiter..? 



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