115968. John AT HECCHE (1207) was born abt 1415 ?. He died abt 1464 ?. "The first of our Hatches is called John At Hecche, of Sellinge, in the hundred of Street, county Kent. He was born about 1415 and was probably a miller. He is the first Hatch in the area for whom records have been found. His will mentions lands in Westwell and Charing as well as Sellinge and that fact indicates to Mr. Pack* that 'he is undoubtedly descended from some of the Atte Hacches found in the hundred of Calehill, in the subsidies of 1327-8 and 1372-3.' ... A "hundred" was a division of an English county, also its body of residents. It had its own local court, but this jurisdiction was taken away in 1867. 'Subsidies' were sums of money granted by Parliament to the crown and raised by special taxes. In the seventeenth century they were replaced by land taxes. The will is dated 15 Nov 1464 and names his wife Agnes and three sons, Thomas, John and William." (Bonnie Hubbard)
*Pack, Charles Lathrop, "Thomas Hatch of Barnstable," Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey, Newark, NJ, 1930.

Children were:

child57984 i. Thomas AT HECCHE.

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