3822. James ? DAVIS (81)(386). "of Newport, RI." (Bonnie Hubbard)
See notes for daughter Abigail for confusion regarding Abigail's parents. Susan Thompson has Abigail's parents as William Davis and Mary ___? and states that, "It is possible that William and Mary are the same William Davis and Mary Harding of the Harding family." He was married to Mary (Joan) Davis COWDALL ?.

3823. Mary (Joan) Davis COWDALL ? (81). In an e-mail dated 27 Jun 1999 Mary S. Van Deusen explains the situation as follows: "The situation was that James Davis died and Joan Davis (sometimes called Mary, but Joan in the court records) remarried to Cowdall. The two of them decide NOT to go along with the marriage of James and Joan's daughter to Edward Richmond and, instead, force her to marry Richard Ussell." Children were:

child1911 i. Abigail DAVIS.

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