1904. Thomas BROWNELL (956) (386) was born about 1608. He was baptised on 5 Jun 1608 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. He died on 24 Sep 1665 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI. IMMIGRANT - " Boyer goes on to say that Thomas and Ann apparently lived for a while in the parish of St. Mary Cole, London. He was in Braintree, Massachusetts Bay, by 1640 (he, a planter, sold land there) and in Portsmouth, RI, by 1644. In 1647 Thomas Brownell witnessed the will of a neighbor, John Walker, one of the nineteen signers of the compact of government made 7 Mar 1638. George Grant Brownell says (p.11): 'It was among these people who had been driven from Massachusetts colony for their religious opinions, that Thomas Brownell cast his lot, and we judge somewhat of him and his character from that circumstance.' Thomas's property was on the west side of the northwest end of Rhode Island, extending down to the water of Narragansett Bay. He was 'water bailey' in 1647 -- an official, in England, who had jurisdiction over fishing rights, and it was likely a similar function in the new world. ... He became a Freeman in 1655 and that year served Portsmouth as Commissioner. He was again Commissioner from 1661 to 1663, and Deputy in 1664. He died 24 Sept 1665, probably in Portsmouth, as 'a result of having hit his head against a tree while engaged in an impromptu horse race with Daniel Lawton' (Boyer, p. 135). His wife Ann survived him." (Bonnie Hubbard)
Susan Thompson's material states that, "He was killed by running into a tree while riding a horse in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. ... immigrated , 1639. Destination: Boston ... He resided in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island March 1647. He left Massachusetts to settle in Aquidneck, now known as Portsmouth, Rhode Island. In 1638, Mrs. Hutchinson inspired a group of her followers to leave Boston and found an new colony in Rhode Island. Thomas Brownell and his wife chose to live among these people."
He was married to Ann BOURNE on 20 Mar 1637/38 in St. Paul's Wharf, London, England.

1905. Ann BOURNE (81) (386) was born on 16 Feb 1606/7 in St. Michael, Cornhill, London, England. She died after 1665 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI. IMMIGRANT - "A tentative ancestry for Ann is given by Boyer (p.135-6), but since he says it is not proven I mention only the reference." (Bonnie Hubbard)
Children were:

child i. Mary BROWNELL(386) was born on 8 Dec 1639 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA. She died on 12 Jan 1739 in South Kingston, RI. She married Robert Hazard of Portsmouth, RI, in 1658. Robert was the son of Thomas Hazard and Martha. Robert died in 1710 at 75 years of age. Mary died when she was 99.
child ii. Sarah BROWNELL(386) was born in 1642 in MA?. She died on 6 Sep 1676. She married Gideon Freeborn 1 Jun 1658. Gideon was born in Roxbury, MA, in 1635. Gideon was the son of William Freeborn and Mary. He died 28 Feb 1719/20 in Portsmouth, RI.
child iii. Martha BROWNELL(386) was born on 1 May 1643 in Little Compton, Newport, RI. She died on 15 Feb 1744 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI. She married first to Jeremiah Waite 16 Sep 1657 in Portsmouth, RI. Jeremiah was the son of Thomas Wait. Jeremiah died in 1677. She then married Charles Dyer March 8 Mar 1690/91. Charles was born in 1650 and died 15 May 1709.
child iv. George BROWNELL(386) (750) was born in May 1646 in Newport, RI. He died on 20 Apr 1718 in Little Compton, Newport, RI. He married Susannah Pearce in Portsmouth, RI, on 4 Dec 1673. Susannah was born in Portsmouth, RI, on 20 Nov 1652 and died in Little Compton on 24 Dec 1743. She was the daughter of Richard Pearce and Susanna Wright. George and Susannah had 8 children. (Note that Susannah was the sister of Mary Pearce who married George's younger brother Thomas.)
child v. Ann BROWNELL(386) was born on 2 Apr 1647 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI. She died on 4 May 1729 in Newport, RI. She married Joseph Wilbore in Portsmouth, RI, on 4 May 1683. Joseph was the son of William Wilbore and Martha. He died in 1729 at 73 years of age.
child vi. William BROWNELL(386) was born in 1648 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI. He died on 1 Aug 1715 in Little Compton, Newport Co., RI. He married Sarah Smiton in Portsmouth, RI, in 1672 or 1673. She was born in 1652 and died in 1714 at Portsmouth, RI. William & Sarah had 11 children.
child952 vii. Thomas BROWNELL.
child viii. Robert BROWNELL(386) was born in 1652 in Little Compton, Newport, RI. He died on 12 Jul 1728 in Little Compton, Newport, RI. He married Mary Ladd in Little Compton before 1687. She was born in 1654 and died in 1728.

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