3780. Thomas LUMBARD (1087) was baptised on 2 Feb 1581/82 in England. He died in 1664 in Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA. IMMIGRANT (prob. 1630 on Mary and John) - "Thomas Lumbert was born in Thorncombe, Dorset, England, and baptized 2 Feb 1581. His second son, Bernard, was born about 1608 to his first wife. He probably had three wives, the last, Joyce, whom he married in New England, surviving him. Thomas was on the list of the first 24 men of Dorchester who applied to become freemen 19 Oct 1630, and it is this fact that leads researchers to believe he came on the 'Mary and John.' Bernard and his siblings are thought to have come at the same time (Wakefield, p. 137). ... The Rev. John White of Dorchester was the man who had assembled the Mary and John group. He was a moderate Puritan but not a separatist. It is said that 'he had absolute command of two things not easily controlled--`his own passions and the purses of his parishioners.`'... The nearby Massachusetts Bay settlements, however, were led by 'clergymen and officials of aristocratic tendencies. Their Governor, John Winthrop, had little sympathy with the common people.' ... Unhappy in this atmosphere, many of the Dorchester people moved to Connecticut in 1636, but Bernard had moved even earlier, first to Scituate in late 1634 or early 1635 (he was given a lot 6 Apr 1635 and with his wife joined Lothrop's church 19 Apr 1635) and then to Barnstable in the fall of 1639. ... Otis ... says that when the Lothrop group arrived in October 1639 Thomas had 'one of the largest and best houses in the plantation, fitted up and designed for an ordinary, or a public house, and which he was licensed by the Court to keep on the third of December following....In addition to his homestead...he owned six acres of planting land in the common field adjoining the Little pond, and a great lot of forty-five acres, bounded...westerly by Bernard Lumbert's great lot. His great lot included the whole of the Dead swamp, which was not included in the measurement. About the year 1656 he removed to his great lot, and built a house thereon. He had a good estate and was comparatively a wealthy man. He was not distinguished, and his name rarely occurs on the records.' John Lothrop wrote in his diary after he and his church people arrived in Barnstable in 1639: 'After praises to God in public were ended, as the day was cold, we divided into three companies, to feast together, some at Mr. Hull's, some at Mr. Mayo's amd some at brother Lombard, Sr's.' ... Thomas was made surveyor of the highways for Barnstable in 1639, but that appears to be the extent of his public service. He made his will 10 June 1663 and the inventory of his estate was taken 8 Feb 1664. ... the total value was over £210. Almost two-thirds was in land, buildings and livestock. A number of tools and household items were listed, as well as books..." (Bonnie Grant, Lumbert Chapter)
He was married to (first wife) ? in England.

3781. (first wife) ?(81). "Not proven." Thomas' third marriage and "Prob. not mother of Bernard." (Bonnie Hubbard) Children were:

child1890 i. Lt. Bernard LUMBERT.

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