3720. Enoch LYNDE (81) was born about 1585. He died on 23 Apr 1636 in London, England. "'The Diaries of Benjamin Lynde' which contains an introduction about the Lynde family. ... presumes on the basis of the family arms that they originally came from the Low Countries, possibly during the time of religious troubles in the sixteenth century. The family Bible contains the notation, dated July 1658, that it was given to Enoch Lynde, son of Nathan, by his grandmother Elizabeth. Enoch's birth place is not known, but the date was around 1585 according to the writer of the introduction, F.E.Oliver. Enoch was a resident of London when he married 25 Oct 1614 Elizabet Digby, daughter of Everard Digby. ... While a resident of London, Enoch Lynde was a merchant engaged in foreign trade, and was for some years connected with the postal service between England and Holland, and he subsequently acted as an agent in some capacity for the Government during the war with France that broke out in 1627." (Bonnie Hubbard) He was married to Elizabeth DIGBY on 25 Oct 1614.

3721. Elizabeth DIGBY (81) was born about 1584 in England. She died in 1669 in London, England. "Elizabeth was sent to Holland, according to Benjamin Lynde, Jr., 'to be educated in the Protestant religion' (p. v.). Did she meet Enoch there?" (Bonnie Hubbard) Children were:

child1860 i. Simon LYNDE.

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