922. George WILLARD (739) was born in 1614 in Horsmonden, KENT, ENGLAND. He was baptised on 4 Dec 1614 in Horsemonden, Kent, ENGLAND. He died about 1656 in MD. IMMIGRANT. - "George was the youngest of ten children and scarcely knew either parent, as Richard died in February 1617 and Joan lived only a few days longer. In his will Richard made special provision for the 'virtuous bringing up' of his children. George's older brother Simon had come to New England in 1634. It's possible George might have come with him, but the first record is that of 1 Feb 1638 when he took the oath of allegiance at Scituate." In the early days the church at Scituate experienced change and controversy. Entering into this controversy George was called before the court 3 May 1641 for criticizing church practices. The charges were not pushed but he was "heavily fined for erroneous opinions." "About a year later the Second Church of Scituate was formed. Our William Hatch (in the Claghorn branch) was chosen to be its first ruling elder, and George Willard also entered into its fellowship. ... It appears that George moved to Maryland in 1652 and died there in 1656. His land was on the Patuxent River in what is now Nottingham in Prince George's County, southeast of Washington DC. It seems reasonable to suppose that his wife had died previously since we find both our Deborah and her brother Daniel being married in Yarmouth, Deborah to Paul Sears in 1658 (Hills, Austin). Perhaps they went there to live with relatives after their mother's death." (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Dorothy DUNSTER.

923. Dorothy DUNSTER(81). Not Proven. - "There has been a rumor that George Willard's wife was Dorothy Dunster, sister of the Rev. Henry Dunster, but nothing has been proved. The question was aired again in 1989 issues of NEXUS (New England Historic Genealogical Society)." (Bonnie Hubbard) Children were:

child461 i. Deborah WILLARD.
child ii. Daniel WILLARD(81) was baptised on 14 Sep 1645 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA.
child iii. Joshua WILLARD(81) was baptised on 2 Nov 1645 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA.

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