1834. John MILLER (81) died on 12 Jun 1663 in Groton, Middlesex Co., MA. IMMIGRANT. "John Miller had studied at Cambridge, England, where he received his A.B. in 1627. There is some question as to when he arrived in New England, but Roxbury records show that Mehitable was born there 12 July 1638. John then became minister at Rowley in 1639 and was also the first town clerk there. Roxbury was west of Boston (now a part of it), and Rowley is still on the map northwest of Gloucester. Two or three years later he was invited to go on a mission to Virginia but declined and soon after accepted the call to Yarmouth. The Millers were there long enough for Mehitable to meet and marry John Crowell, and then the family moved again. Savage says perhaps John Miller preached where any temporary need existed." (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Lydia ?.

1835. Lydia ? (81) died on 7 Aug 1658 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. IMMIGRANT. Children were:

child917 i. Mehitable MILLER.

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