1832. John CROWELL (914) died on 7 Jan 1673 in (prob.) Yarmouth, MA. IMMIGRANT. The Crowell name was originally Crow and became Crowell in the 3rd generation in the New World. "John's name appears as a resident of Charleston in 1635. It was sometimes spelleed Crowe. In 1638 he moved to Matakeese, which very soon became known as Yarmouth. He, with Anthony Thatcher and Thomas Howes, held the land grant in trust to apportion to those people admitted to settle in the town, and were themselves among the first settlers. ...was appointed in 1640 with two other people to hear all cases coming before them up to the amount of twenty shillings in the three towns of Yarmouth, Sandwich and Barnstable. He served as Deputy for the years 1641, '42 and '43, and on the Grand Jury in 1658." (Bonnie Hubbard) He was married to Elishua ?.

1833. Elishua ?(81) died in 1688. IMMIGRANT. The first record of the Crowell family in the New World is "Elisuha being received into the church at Charleston 4 Jan 1634, having just arrived from England. It hardly seems likely that she would precede her husband unless she had relatives already here, but her maiden name is not known so that can't be checked out." (Bonnie Hubbard) Children were:

child916 i. John CROWELL Sr..

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