3710. Robert HICKS (1080) was born (prob.) betw 1570 & 1583 in England. IMMIGRANT. - 1621 "FORTUNE PASSENGER" "Since these people are considered Oldcomers, their backgrounds have been investigated, but little can be proved conclusively (for example, the allegation that Margaret was a Winslow). We do know that Robert was born in England, but dates vary from 1570 to 1583. He was a fellmonger, which is a dealer in sheepskins and wool, a man who separates or 'pulls' the wool from the pelts. ... Banks ... found that Robert Hicks was indeed a fellmonger on Bermondsey Street in Southwark, London, in 1616 and that he had previously lived in Bermondsey, which is next to Southwark. ... He came to Plymouth in the ship Fortune in 1621 and Margaret and four children arrived two years later in the Anne. They settled in Plymouth and all shared in the 1627 distribution of cattle. Later they owned land in Duxbury and Scituate. He was jury foreman and an arbitrator in 1632/3 and a rate maker the following year. He died in Plymouth 24 Mar 1647 and his will showed the family to be in comfortable circumstances." (Bonnie Hubbard) He was married to Margaret ? about 1606 in Southwark, England.

3711. Margaret ?(81) . IMMIGRANT - 1623 - PASSENGER ON THE ANNE. May have been a Winslow. "Hills claims she was Margaret Winslow, who became the first woman teacher in America, but I have not found any other mention of this." (Bonnie Hubbard)
Children were:

child1855 i. Lydia HICKS.
child ii. Phebe HICKS(1081) was born in 1614/15 in England. IMMIGRANT - 1623 - PASSENGER ON THE ANNE. Phebe married George Watson and they had a daughter Mary who married Thomas Leonard, who was an ancestor of Bonnie Cushman Hubbard's husband Ed.

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