3806. Thomas PAINE (756)(753) (1092) died bef 1634 & aft May 1631 in England. Bonnie Hubbard's research indicates that he was a a well-to-do London merchant and left a significant estate. He was married to Jane GALLAND before 1625.

3807. Jane GALLAND(753) (755)(756) (1093). IMMIGRANT - Was Gov. Mayhew's 1st wife. (Conover) Conover gives last name as Gallyou.

   NOTE : This correction was received on 20 Aug 2012 from the Martha's Vineyard Museum's genealogist Catherine M. Mayhew: "Gov Thomas married Jane (Galland) Paine, not Gallion - another of Banks' assumption." She also pointed out the following regarding what has been previously believed about Jane's daughter Jane: "Rev Thomas Mayhew married a woman named Jane, but she was NOT his stepsister [no such person existed] nor was she named Jane Paine.  Her surname is unknown.  Banks assumed [always a bad idea in genealogy] that Jane, wife of Thos Jr, was Jr's stepsister because his stepbrother Thomas Paine was called Jr's brother in law.  Banks should have known that at that time the stepchild was a 'child in law' or 'son in law' and that a step brother was a 'brother in law.'  Banks interpreted 'brother in law' to mean Jr married Thomas Paine's sister, a girl who did not exist.  On the other hand, we do not have a surname for Jane."
   Bonnie Hubbard states that Jane was "the widow of a London merchant, Thomas Paine. Family tradition says her maiden name was Gallion. Jane had two young children whom she brought with her to New England. The older was a daughter, also named Jane, born about 1628 or 9, who later married our Thomas2 Mayhew, her stepbrother. The younger was Thomas Paine Jr., who was lost at sea in 1657 with Thomas2. ... (Her first husband) had left to his son Thomas some lands in England and it was to settle this estate that the elder Jane went to England in 1642."
Children were:

child1903 i. Jane PAINE.
child ii. Thomas PAINE(756) (1094). Was lost at sea in 1657 with his brother-in-law (& step-brother) Thomas(2) Mayhew. (Hubbard)

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