428. Col. Morgan MORGAN (561) (562)(458) was born on 1 Nov 1688 in Glamorgan, Wales. He died on 17 Nov 1766 in Bunker Hill, Berkeley Co., WV. IMMIGRANT "Colonel Morgan Morgan was born in the principality of Wales, in England, and was educated in London during the reign of Queen Anne, or probably about the commencement of the reign of George I. He commenced business as a merchant at the place now known as Christiana.... Whether by design or through indifference to ancestral lore, the latter being a well known family trait, Col. Morgan Morgan, who was well educated for his time and destined to take an active part in the early life of Colonial America, left no record, official or otherwise, so far as is known, which has been preserved or remembered by any of his many descendants, of his connection in his native Wales with the old Glamorganshire family there of the same name, which reaches back of things Anglo-Saxon into the days of the Ancient Celts."(Morgan/Ross/Birch History) Data recently (1998) found on the internet provides lineage of Col. Morgan's ancestors back 19 generations to a "Welsh Chieftan" of around the 9th century.
He was married to Catherine GARRETSON in 1713 or 1714 in Christiana, New Castle, DE.

429. Catherine GARRETSON (563) was born on 16 May 1692 in New Castle Co., DE. She died on 16 May 1773 in Berkeley Co., WV. "... a respectable native of Delaware." Children were:

child i. James MORGAN(564) was born in Sep 1715. (562) "... died at the age of sixteen years."
child ii. Anne MORGAN(565) was born in 1716. (562) "... who married first Nathaniel Thompson, who was murdered; second Rueben Paxton. They removed to South Carolina."
child214 iii. David MORGAN.
child iv. Charles MORGAN(566). "He married and died in Berkely county (WV) and his widow and children migrated to South Carolina. Charles was a large man and possessed more physical power than any man he ever met."
child v. Henry MORGAN(567). "... married a sister to Charle's (sic) wife, and they all removed to South Carolina together, some short time before the Revolution."
child vi. Evan MORGAN(568) died on 25 Nov 1791. (562) "... who died a single man."
child vii. Zacquill MORGAN(569) (562) was born in 1735. He died on 1 Jan 1795. "... the proprietor and founder of Morgantown, married first Nancy Paxton (abt. 1759) and second married Drusilla Springer (5 Sep 1765 in Dist. of West, Augusta, VA)." Drusilla b. 9 May 1746 Monongalia Co., VA, d.1 Jan 1795 Monongalia Co., VA, was the daughter of Dennis Springer and Ann Prickett. Zaquill and Drusilla had a son named Enos D. who married Mattie ? and they had a daughter also Drusilla; this Drusilla married Joseph R. Mathers (d. 1897) and they had a son named Eugene L. (b. 19 Aug 1854).
child viii. Morgan MORGAN Jr.(570) was born on 20 Mar 1736/37. He died on 20 Oct 1797. "... who remained in Berkeley county (WV) upon his father's old farm, an Episcopal minister of great piety and worth.... He married Mary Gossett (16 Nov 1761)."

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