150. Knud Helgesen TYSVÆR/GRINDE/SVINALI (408) (409)(410) (411)(412) was born in 1719 in Tysvær, Tysvær, Rogaland Co., Norway. He died in 1766 in Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. "Grind 1759, later Svinelid 1765" (Slooper book)
From Tysvær Vol. 2 - HERSDAL - p. 160: Knut and Marta lived at Hersdal in the 1740's. He bought the farm in 1743 from Peder, but he sold back to Peder in 1750. They moved to Grinde and later N. Svinali in Skjold.
From Tysvær Vol. 5 - GRINDE - p. 314: Knut and Marta got these children here before they left to Svinali nedra: Helge, born 1752, Guri, born 1755, and Jakob, born 1758. They had lived in Hersdal in Tysvær before they came here. Knut owned the farm while he lived here. He sold to the next farmers, but bought back in 1763.
From Tysvær Vol. 4 - SVINALI NEDRA - p. 26: Knut and Marta had formerly lived at Hersdal in Tysvær and at Grinde.
Knut owned both in Nedra Svinali and Grinde. His mother, Inga Larsdtr was born here at Nedra Svinali. Through family inheritance, he got the deeds to land in Nedra Svinali and Grinde. Knut got the deed at Nedra Svinali in 1754 from Todni Hansdtr, the widow of his father's brother Torbjørn, and her family. They had inherited the farm upon distribution of Torbjørn's estate that same year. Torbjørn had died in 1753 and his widow Todni remarried in 1754 to Lars Hansson Skeie in Avaldsnes.
The settlement of the Knut's estate was held 15 Nov 1766. His estate of land and property gave more than 35 dalar in inheritance to each son. The daughters got each over 23 1/2 dalar. The following gardians were named: Lars Syre from Karmøy for Helge, Gunnar Aukland for Sjur, mother under supervision of Torkel Erland for Torbjørn, "Knud Tvete of Hetland" (probably Nordtveit in Førresfjorden) for Guri, and Jakob Stakkestad for Ingeborg.
From: Ætt og Heim, 1981 (Farm & Home) - p. 176:
He was married to Martha (Marta) Sjursdtr. SVINALI/AUKLAND.

151. Martha (Marta) Sjursdtr. SVINALI/AUKLAND (41) (413)(414) (415)(416) was born in 1732 in Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway.(417) (418)(419) (420) [Slooper book, Ætt og Heim 1981, & area bygdebok #1 give her birth in 1732; area bygdebok #5 gives her birth in 1728 "probably" in Grinde on p. 190 and "probably" in Aukland on p. 314] She died in 1794 in Svinali, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. If dates in ancestral charts are correct and Martha was born in 1732, Martha was 14 years old when her daughter Inger was born. If Martha's earlier birthdate of 1728, as given in local history books #4 & #5, is correct, she was a more reasonable 18 years of age. She had her first 3 children while she and Knud were living at the Hersdal farm. By 1759, when her daughter Ingeborg was born, they were back living at Svinali. As a widow of Knut, she married again to Størker Bjørnsen Svinali from Hauge øvra in Bjoa.
From: Ætt og Heim, 1981 (Family & Home) - p. 176: After Knud's death, she remarried Størker Bjørnsen Svineli. In 1801 Størker, then age 60 years, is found at Svineli as a pensioner. He was then remarried to Ranveg Nilsdt. the 50 years old. Størker and Ranveg had a son Knut and a daughter Anna. The son Knut, b. 1769, moved to the Svinali farm in 1801. Torbjørn Knutsen who was a halfbrother to Knut Størkersen was a soldier. Dated 19 Dec 1750 is the deed from Knut Helgesen Svineli which indicated he had inherited 1 v.k. and Gunder Syversen Aukland married to Heljesdt. at 1 v.k. to "brother and brother-in-law Torbjørn Heljesen." This Anna Heljesdt.that is mentioned must be the sister to Knut. Torbjørn is probably dead without the heirs. Upon distribution of the estate about him 22 Jan 1754 going all the estate back to Knut (?). [See notes for Torbjørn for more details on his life.]
It was Knut Størkerson, b. 1769, who took over the Svinali Nedra farm and is listed as the farmer (#16) there after his father Størker Bjørnson (1739-1833). Children were:

child75 i. Inger Knudsdtr GRINDE.
child ii. Marta Knudsdtr TYSVÆR/GRINDE/SVINALI(421) (422) (423)(424) was born in 1749 in Hersdal, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. [Tysvær vol 2 has birth year as 1750.] She died in 1787 in Nes, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She married Kristoffer Larsson Nes. They had 10 children: Lars 1770, Marta 1773, Knut 1775, Helga 1777, Jakob 1782, Lars 1784, and in 1787 quadruplets, 3 of which lived 8 days, Marta, Femma, and Kristoffer and a stillborn. Marta and Kristoffer's 3rd child Knut, who was b. 1775, was the great great grandfather of US Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren who's father immigrated to the US at a young age with his parents.
child iii. Helge Knudson GRINDE(425) (426) was born in 1752 in Grinde, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. Ætt og Heim, 1981, p. 174, indicates that he died in 1752, but this must be a typo as other reliable sources give this year as his birth and that he lived into adulthood. He lived at Sønnstokko in Stangaland, Karmøy, and was married to Lisabet Halvardsdtr.
child iv. Guri Knudsdtr GRINDE/DUELAND(427) (428) was born in 1755 in Grinde, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She died about 1821 in Dueland, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She married Bjørn Olson from Vestrå and they lived on the Dueland farm in Tysvær. She was Bjørn's second wife and they had 3 children: Eli 1782, Marta 1786 and Sissela 1788 (who only lived 19 weeks). After Bjørn died in 1788 she married in 1789 the next farmer at Dueland, Per Olson from Eggja in Skjold. They had 2 children: Bjørn 1790 and Marta 1792.
child v. Jakob Knudson GRINDE(429) was born in 1758 in Grinde, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He died before 1766. Died young.
child vi. Ingeborg Knudson SVINALI/GRINDE(430) (431) was born in 1759 in Svinali, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She died in 1827. She married Ola Bårdson from Asbjørnshaug in Skjold. They lived on Bruk 9 (Åsen) at Grinde. Ola took over the farm from the previous owner, Lars, in 1782. The deed was dated 1787. Later Ola and Ingeborg moved to Asbjørnshaug. They had these children at Grinde: Brita 1790 and Bård 1794. They had 2 children who died there, Knut last, in 1796. Ola was owner of his farm.
It is from Ingeborg and Ola that Richard Lee of Illinois descends.
child vii. Sjur Knudson SVINALI(432) was born in 1762 in Svinali, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He married Inger Gudmundsdtr from Straum. They lived at Midstokko in Strangaland (near Kopervik), Karmøy (bruk 10.12).
child viii. Torbjørn Knudson SVINALI(433) (434) was born in 1765 in Svinali, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He has been called "the Quaker pioneer," because he was one of the first to bring these beliefs to Norway. The following is from the Tysvær bygdebok, vol. 4, p. 22, with translation help from Rotraud Slogvik:
It might surprise us that none of the children of Marta's from her first marriage to Knut Helgeson took over the farm. It was them who belonged to the old owners with roots at Ile. Many of their children were established at other places when Marta died. Once again other places than the "home-farm" were preferred.
The youngest male and bachelor Torbjørn Knutson had, on the other hand, had not established himself permanently. He entered the military service and went to sea. He ended up in English captivity (on a prison ship!) as a result of Napoleon's wars. He got well known for taking back home the Quaker religious beliefs. Well after he was back from prison in England, he lived not only at the home farm here (Svinali Nedra), but also at Bringedal in Tysvær, in Sandnes "near Stavanger" and at Høye, also in the south of Stavanger area. He died at the farm Meling at Talgje in Finnøy, at the home of married Marta Knutsdotter, daughter to his half-brother Knut Størkerson. There Torbjørn took himself "flet-føring", that means that he could live with Marta's family on the condition of inheritance.
Torbjørn did bring the Quaker religion to his closest relatives.. Siri Eriksdotter from Kringeland, the wife of half brother Knut Størkerson, had a sister which was married at Stakland and another sister which was married at Årek. These two farms came together with Nedra Svinali to become the "Quaker farms" in Søra (south) Skjold.
These new thoughts, that Torbjørn did import, met resistance and many of the adherents did not see any other solution for themselves, but to export them again by emigrating to America. Many of Torbjørn's relatives were going to emigrate. It is a possibility that all children of his half-brother Knut Størkerson did emigrate. The exception was Størker Knutson, who took over after his father and did run the home farm. (Tysvær bygdebok #4)
In the historical novel Cleng Peerson written by Alfred Hauge and translated into English by Friis, the following is said about Torbjørn as if Cleng were speaking: "... a fellow from my home district, had been imprisoned at Chatham -- on board a ship called the 'Belliquer.' At that time he had been a Haugean, but during his imprisonment he had converted to the teachings of the Quakers."

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