18948. Odd Savatsen (Sevatsen) FEVOLD (1187) died about 1621 in Norway. "in Hjelmeland." Mentioned 1519,21,39, 47. Administration & distribution of his estate ("skifte") in 1621. (Slooper book, p. 410a)
   "Odd Sevatsen Fevold was also ancestor of the Sloop families of Hersdal, Haukaas, Hesja, and Slogvik. He rented Fevold but he owned half of Foss and all of the Skiftun farms in Hjelmeland, parts of some farms in Suldal." (Slooper book, p. 544)   

   From GEDCOM file of Greg Hagen - 1996: "Odd Sevatsson is mentioned in documents in 1519, 1521, 1539 and 1544.  He rented  Fevold but owned half of Foss and all of Skiftun in Hjelmeland, in addition to parts of some farms in Suldal.  He owned a portion of what had been the Foss estate in the Middle Ages and is likely to have been descended from the family that originally owned it.  In 1519, Odd paid a tax of 50 marks silver, indicating he was the largest landowner in Hjelmeland.  Odd's family was involved in a long series of lawsuits with distant  relatives over the allodial rights to the Foss estate.  According to a judgment of 31 Jul 1539, Odd was confirmed as the rightful allodial heir.  Asgaut Steinnes did some research on this subject, but was not able to  substantiate exact lines of descent.  His theory, however, is that Odd's father was named Sevat Øysteinsson.  He constructed a highly speculative line back through Gudrun Eilivsdatter and her husband, Eivind Sigurdsson.  The earliest theoretical ancestor in this line is Arne Rev.  Magnus Vêage mentions in "Auklandsµtta" that several genealogists think Odd was descended from Odd Botolvson Finnen from Voss, a member of the Losna family.  It is very possible that Odd, himself, was considered a nobleman (probably lågadel or landed gentry)."

He was married to Guran TORESDTR..

18949. Guran TORESDTR.(1188) . Children were:

child9474 i. Savat (Sevat or Sjovat) Oddsen SKIFTUN.
child ii. Siri Oddsdtr. FEVOLD(1189). She married Olav Jonsen Foss and was mentioned as a widow in 1563. She and Olav had a son Jon Olavsen Totland who was an ancestor of Slooper Johannes Jacobsen Steine. (Slooper book, p. 544a.) The son Jon Olavsen is also an ancestor of the Slooper  Hersdal/Nelson brothers (Slooper book chart, p. 226a)  Siri and Olav also had a daughter "Magitte Olavsdatter Foss" who's line descends down to Slooper Jorgen Johnsen Hesja (Slooper book chart, p. 352a)

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