2886. Thomas STANDISH (354) was born in 1612 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT. (354) QUESTIONABLE DATE/PLACE OF BIRTH. He died on 5 Dec 1693. Del Osborn's database with material derived from the LDS database indicates that Thomas was born in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, and was the son of Myles and Rose Standish of Mayflower Pilgrim fame. All other current evidence indicates that this is not the case. He was married to Susannah FRANCES.

2887. Susannah FRANCES(354) was born about 1624.(54) Probable error as birth year would have Susannah as 11 years old when daughter Lydia was born. She died on 30 Nov 1692. Children were:

child1443 i. Lidia STANDISH.

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