7168. Thomas COUCHMAN (1150)(1151) (193) died on 14 Jun 1567. According to A. W. Burt's Cushman Genealogy and General History this Thomas was the "First of the family named: Croucheman, Crocheman, Couchman, Cuchman, Cushman," having 2 siblings: "Joan or Johne" and "John Died, March 1523/4 Will proved May 10th. 1524"
He was married. Children were:

child3584 i. Thomas COUCHMAN.
child ii. Elizabeth COUCHMAN(1152) (193) died on 30 Sep 1576. Married John Sennersell.
child iii. Richarde COUCHMAN(1153) (193) died on 15 Sep 1575. Married Frances Bahlwinner.
child iv. John COUCHMAN(1154) (193) died on 4 Mar 1568. Married Mary Sheaffe.
child v. Anne COUCHMAN(193) died on 2 Dec 1562.
child vi. Jan (or) Johne COUCHMAN(1155) (193). Married Richard Haxman.

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