602. Lars Torbjørnson AKSDAL/SVINALI NEDRA(653) (654) was born in 1665 in Svinali, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He died in 1732 in Svinali, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. Lars & Anna had 5 children, Inger/Inga being the second born. Lars, at his death, left an estate both in Aksdal and in Svinali and Grinde in Skjold. He was married to Anna Hansdtr AKSDAL.

603. Anna Hansdtr AKSDAL(655) (656) was born in 1654 in Aksdal, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She died about 1732. Children were:

child i. Johannes Larsen AKSDAL/SVINALI NEDRA(657) . He lived at Svinali.
child301 ii. Inger (Inga) Larsdtr. SVINALI NEDRA.
child iii. Magla AKSDAL/SVINALI NEDRA(658) (659) died about 1741. (660) [Probate dated 17 Jun 1741.] She married Peder Kristoffersen of Hesthammar in Tysvær. She and Peder had at least one son named Lars born 1725. Lars married Marta Tostensdt from Kvaløy, Imsland, and they had 8 children, the 5th born being Peder who was father of Kleng Pedersen or Cleng Peerson, the pioneer of early Norwegian-American emigration.
child iv. Anna AKSDAL/SVINALI NEDRA(661) was born about 1698. She married Lars Ivarsen of Visnes, Bruk nr. 7.

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