4696. Stein(1098) (784). The following appeared in the Jelsa Bygdebok (thanks to J. P. Fagerback & Paul Knudsen of the Norway-List for help with translation):
"Stein. He did apparently not use Jelsa, but because his sons owned and used the Jelsa farm we include him here anyway (in the Jelsa Bygdebok). Actually we do not know much about the man. One Stein lived in Kjølvik 1563 and he was a churchwarden ('kirkeverge' = the position of overseer or caretaker of the church and/or churchyard). One Stein lived at Landsnes in 1591, participated in the the group which selected the delegate to the royal homage in Oslo. Maybe it was the same man who lived in Kjølvik and later at Landsnes. See Asgaut Steinnes: Ei ætt frå Jelsa, Hylsfjorden og Sand (A family from Jelsa, Hylsfjorden and Sand). Ætt og Heim 1959 (published in Ætt og Heim 1959). In the seal of the latter Stein are the letters S. S. He could well be the father of the Steinsons (Steinsønene or sons of Stein) at Jelsa. The sons were Siver and Njel."
Children were:

child2348 i. Siver Steinson.

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