2472. Asbjorn Rasmusen IMS-TRAFJORD (1041). "bailiff in Höle skibrede 1603" (Slooper book)
"Asbjørn Rasmusson was named as the lensmann (sheriff) in Høle skiprede in 1599 and operated the Ims farm. When a son of Asbjørn redeemed the mortgage in 1640, he explained that his father had purchased the property 27 years before he mortgaged it. That would indicate that Asbjørn bought the farm about 1588. In 1615, he had to take out a mortgage on 2 laupar smør (2 measures of butter used to put a value on land) at Lerang (currently in Forsand kommune) to raise 400 riksdalar to pay for some fish he bought in Bergen. He had planned on selling the fish to another farmer, but that farmer didn't have the money to pay for them. (The fate of the fish is unknown). Asbjørn is also mentioned in several court cases. On 10 Dec 1617, he summoned Tore Søfrensson to the Ting to testify as to what Ivar Høle had said about him. Ivar, at the time, was involved in a quarrel with Asbjørn's son-in-law. Ivar in effect had said that he was too weak to quarrel with Asbjørn Ims, who was very adept in legal matters. According to the tingbok of 1620, Asbjørn also had a quarrel with Ivar Motland over a velvet hat he had bought in the Scottish section of Bergen. The hat had been missing for 7 years when a neighbor heard that Ivar had taken it. The final dispositions of these two cases is unknown." (This translated quote from a bygdebok was taken from a GEDCOM file of Greg Hagen and furnished by Lars Asbjørn Nag of Rogaland, Norway. Lars also descends from Asbjørn.) [Asbjørn is Keith's 9th great grandfather.] He was married. Children were:

child1236 i. Israel Asbjornsen LERANG IN FORSAND.

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