612. Torkel Tollefsen BJORNESTAD (672) was born in Norway. He died in Norway. He was first in Bjørnestad in Sirdal, then Øvre Mandal, then Darga (Dorga?), then Ausdal in Øvre Siredalen Parish in Sirdal, Vest- Agder. He was mentioned 1674, 1684 and 1704. He was married to Martha Gitlesdtr. BJØRNESTAD IN SIRDAL.

613. Martha Gitlesdtr. BJØRNESTAD IN SIRDAL (673) was born in Norway. She died in Norway. She was from Bjørnestad, Tonstad Parish, Sirdal area, Vest-Agder; mentioned 1674, 1684, 1704. Children were:

child306 i. Tollef Torkelsen MADLAND/DORGA.

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