704. John BEACH (166)(354) (272) was born between 1613 and 1619 in Derbyshire, England. He died on 16 Jun 1677 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT. "one of three brothers, immigrant to New Haven, Connecticut, where he is first mentioned in 1643; later removed to Stratford, Connecticut, and owned land, if not a resident, of Wallingford, Connecticut." He was "probably" from England. (Osborn)
"He first appears in the records of New Haven, Connecticut, on 7-Jun-1643. It is universally believed, based on a variety of circumstantial evidence, that John Beach was the brother of Richard and Thomas Beach, both of whom also settled in New Haven between 1639 and 1646. John later moved to Stratford, Connecticut, c. 1660. He owned land in Wallingford, but does not seem to have lived there himself. Although many theories have been put forward, his ancestry has NOT yet been established by competent evidence." (Beach) He was married to Mary STAPLES? in 1650 in (prob) New Haven, CT.

705. Mary STAPLES?(354) (272) was born about 1630/31 in England. "She was NOT, as some claim, Mary Staples, daughter of Thomas Staples. The early New England genealogists confused John Beach(1) with his son, John Beach, Jr.(2). It was the latter who married Hannah, the daughter of Thomas Staples. Mary, the wife of John Beach(1), is mentioned only once - at the birth of the youngest son Benjamin(2) - such that it is possible she was a second wife. She is not named in the administration of her husband's estate, and so probably died before him." (Beach) Children were:

child i. Elizabeth BEACH(272) (560) was born on 20 Mar 1652 in New Haven, CT. She died in 1692. She married abt 1675 Eliasaph Preston; they had 7 children. She died at age 40.
child ii. John BEACH(272) (560) was born on 16 Apr 1654 in New Haven, CT. He died in 1712 in Stratford, Connecticut. He married 18 Dec 1679 Hannah Staples; they had 5 children. He also married Phebe Birdseye.
child iii. Mary BEACH(272) (560) was born in Sep 1656. She died in Aug 1722.
child iv. Thomas BEACH(272) (560) was born in May 1659. He died on 13 May 1741 in Wallingford, Connecticut. He married 13 May 1680 to Ruth Peck; they had 4 children. He also was married to Phebe Wilcoxen and they had 8 children.
child v. Nathaniel BEACH(272) (560) was born in Mar 1662. He died on 24 Jul 1747. He married 29 Apr 1686 to Sarah Porter; they had 10 children. He died at age 84.
child vi. Hannah BEACH(272) (560) was born in Dec 1665. She married 3 Nov 1681 to Zachariah Fairchild; they had 9 children. She was also married to John Burritt.
child vii. Sarah BEACH(272) (560) was born in Nov 1667.
child viii. Isaac BEACH(272) (560) was born on 27 Jun 1669. He died on 30 Apr 1741 in Stratford, Connecticut. He married 3 May 1693 to Hannah Birdseye; they had 6 children.
child ix. Joseph BEACH(272) (560) was born on 1 Feb 1671. He died on 17 Dec 1737 in Stratford, Connecticut. He married Abiah Booth; they had 6 children. He died at age 66.
child352 x. Benjamin BEACH.

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