88. Capt. Joseph BEACH (166) (272) was born on 5 Oct 1736 in Morris Co., NJ. He died in 1800 in Charlton, Saratoga, NY.(272) (Beach has place of death as New Auburn, NY.) SERVED IN REVOLUTIONARY WAR. "He was an ensign in the 4th Co. of Col. Wm. Wind's Regiment of New Jersey Minute Men and was later elected Captain of the 13th Co. of the Morris County (New Jersey) Militia. His service record is rather interesting and is contained in the pension application for his son, Asa, who likewise served in the Revolution." (Osborn)
"The BEACH FAMILY MAGAZINE, Vol. I, No. 3, p. 70, however, gives the year of his birth as 1738. He was an ensign in the 4th Company of the Morristown, New Jersey, Militia in September, 1775. He was later made a captain and commanded a detachment on guard at the Morristown Court House from October, 1777, to January, 1778. His son, Asa Beach, served in his company and his pension papers describe both men's service. Joseph moved to Charlton, Saratoga, New York, c. 1791, and later to New Auburn, where he died." (Beach) The Beach data also indicates that Joseph was married to two separate women: Kesia Johnson (m. 4 May 1758) with whom he had 6 children, and Eunice Johnson with whom he had William Green. He was married to Eunice JOHNSON on 4 May 1758.

89. Eunice JOHNSON(272) (55)(54) was born in 1732. She died on 22 May 1778. Osborn indicated that her name was either Kezia or Eunice; Beach indicated that Joseph was married first to Kezia Johnson died at age 46 and later married Eunice Johson who was the mother of William Green. Eunice had a daughter, Ruth, by a prior marriage. Children were:

child44 i. William Green BEACH.

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