3722. John NEWGATE (1082) was born about 1580 in Southwark, England. He died betw Nov 1664 & 11 Sep 1665 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. IMMIGRANT - "The family had arrived before June 1633 and John was admitted freeman March 4, 1634/5. ... John had been born about 1580 in Southwark, near London Bridge and Ann was his third wife. He was a merchant and became a prominent citizen of Boston, a selectman and constable of the town and was elected representative at the March and September sessions in 1638. He is mentioned in his brother's will as 'living resident in the parts beyond the seas called New England' but his own will, written 25 Nov 1664, is interesting because it provides that £5 be paid annually to 'the Colledge in Cambridge [Harvard].' This encumbrance was apparently passed on to various purchasers of 'the Chelsea farm,' which was pledged as security, even in the late 1700s. It would be fun to know if it were still being paid! He gave £8 to the pastor of the Church of Boston and also 'unto such Ministers within this Jurisdiction as ar Conscionable in their places, and yet haue but small Mayntenance, £30, to be paid to the said [pastor] and he to dispose thereof as he shall see meete, to the intent aforesaid.' Houses and lands were given to Ann and the children and money provided for all the grandchildren, and Simon Lynde and another son-in-law were named executors. The will was proved Sept. 11, 1665." (Bonnie Hubbard)

He was married to Hannah "Ann" HUNT DRAPER?.

3723. Hannah "Ann" HUNT DRAPER? (81) was born in England. IMMIGRANT - She was John's 3rd wife. Children were:

child1861 i. Hannah NEWGATE.

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