Slooper Picnic 2002

Jakob Anderson Slogvik Descendants

Vol. 1

Jakob Slogvik and his wife Serena Madland were the Norwegian immigrant "Slooper" pioneers who traveled farther west than any of the others on the famous "Norwegian Mayflower," the sloop RestorationIt has been a few generations since many of the descendants of this historic couple have had much contact.  In honor of the visitors from Norway, Rotraud and Einar Slogvik, many of Jakob and Serena's descendants gathered on Saturday, July 27, 2002, at the Woodson Bridge Park on the Sacramento River near Corning, California.  Rotraud and Einar currently own the Slogvik farm in southwestern Norway where Jakob was born and raised, but left in 1825.  The Slogviks are very interested in the prominent history of their farm, and Jakob's descendants wanted to meet them during their 3 week vacation on the West Coast of the US.

    Photos are presented in order taken.  This group were the first 18 pictures taken by Peggy & Keith Wheeler.  The remainder of Peggy & Keith's photos plus a few the Slogviks took can be found in Vol. 2.   Peggy Arms send in 10 additional photos which were scanned and put in Vol. 3.  We invite others who took pictures this day to send them to us for uploading to additional pages.

    Please let us know of any errors or need for additional description.  Maiden names are sometimes given to help identify relationships. Family members can contact Keith to request more family relationships and history, or to provide updated family data for his genealogy database. More information about Keith's Slooper ancestors, as well as many photos of their visits to Norway and the Slogvik farm, can be found in various parts of our family web site,

Emily Uhl/Roney of Chico meets Les Turner of Red Bluff - another cousin from the Emma Wheeler/Opsal line.  They last met many years ago.

Bradley Aaron from Modesto looks over some of the genealogy material Keith had brought. He is a grandson of Keith's recently deceased sister Claire Wheeler/Johnson.

Left to right in foreground is Bradley, Rotraud Slogvik, Cathy Ronney/Oviedo (Emily's daughter) and John Jolly (Claire Wheeler/Johnson's son). 

In foreground is Fran Turner (daughter-in-law of Les); background is Mary Lou Jolly (John's wife), Keith's cousin and honorary Slooper Tom Birch, Les Turner and Emily Roney.

From left: Emma Uhl/Roney (Emily's twin sister), Rotraud, Ila Turner (Les' wife) and Ila & Les' son Larry.

Emma Roney of Chico, Rotraud Slogvik of Norway, Ila Turner of Red Bluff, and Fran & Larry Turner of Grass Valley.

Again, Emma Roney, Rotraud Slogvik, Ila Turner, and Fran & Larry Turner, with Emma's daughter Peggy Arms standing behind Ila.

Here Chuck Lunceford (of the Hilliard line) from Sacramento, Keith Wheeler (Wheeler line) and John Bedford (Oaks line) from the Flournoy/Paskenta area discuss relationships and history.

From left foreground: Cathy Oviedo, Yvonne Jolly/Bennett (Claire's daughter) discuss issues with Yvonne's brother John and his wife, Mary Lou.

"Honorary Sloopers" friend Jack & cousin Del Osborn, both from Red Bluff, give Keith a bad time. 

Yvonne (back to camera) and Janice Wheeler/Craig (Keith's sister) prepare food while Janice's husband Jim has a cooling drink.

Keith's 1st cousin Jim Wheeler & his wife Meri from Marin Co. talk to Einar Slogvik, with Keith and Tom Lashley in background.

Janice Wheeler/Craig's husband Jim (the "Scotsman") patiently ponders this Norske gathering.

Einar Slogvik continues his discussion with Meri & Jim Wheeler. Keith is to the left and Jim & Meri's son Paul is hidden behind Meri.

Here posing with Rotraud Slogvik is Dr. Dick Johnson husband of Jakob's late great great granddaugher Claire Wheeler/Johnson. Cathy Oviedo is in the background.

Keith and Rotraud continue a discussion with Jim & Meri Wheeler while Tom Birch gets another drink.

A group photo op: Meri & Jim Wheeler, Einar & Rotraud Slogvik, and Keith.

Much eating and visiting continues in this part of the gathering. Turning toward the camera in the center foreground are Peggy Arms and her mother, Emma Roney.

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