Easter 2002, - Wheeler Home, Mad River, California

Spring came to Mad River this year with a vengeance.  Easter weekend was unseasonably warm and it was time for a family gathering at Peg and Keith's home.  First to arrive on Friday evening was daughter, Cheryl, from Eureka - On Saturday son Richard from Eureka.  Very special guests were Angela and her son Teodoro visiting from São Paulo, Brazil.  The pictures on this page were taken before and on Saturday & Sunday, March 30-31.  

Spring has come with Mad River daffodils blooming. This group was brought in preparation for holiday guests.

Prior to our guests arriving, Peg starts the process of making special krumkaker using the new kurmkake iron she was given by the Slogviks in Norway at Christmas

Krumkake is a Norwegian dessert or delicacy.  It is served with whipped cream and jam (molteberry jam, if you can get it).

After it is baked on this special iron, the soft wafer is rolled around a special cone and becomes crisp when cooled.

Teodoro ventures in to the brush in search of hidden eggs.

Teodoro shows off his overflowing basket.


Teodoro shares sweets with Cheryl. In the foreground is the brightly wrapped chocolate egg brought from Brazil. In the distance Rich searches for the always one never-found egg.

4cheryl_snowball.JPG (63363 bytes)

Mild mannered Cheryl shows her feminine side as she attacks Teodoro hiding behind Keith! (photo by Angela)

After the hunt, Cheryl, Teodoro, Angela & Peg enjoy the warm spring morning.


4peg_snow.JPG (35194 bytes)

Peg looks on at the snowball fight from a safe distance. (photo by Angela)

To give Teodoro a snow experience we all drive up toward Mt. Lassic.


This is a view of Black Lassic, our planned destination blocked by snowy roads.

With fond memories of Norway, Keith enjoys a Mad River krumkake.

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