May Evelyn Cushman/Birch

Keith's maternal grandmother, May, was born 23 June 1867 on the Cushman ranch at Chrome (west of Orland), California, in what is now Glenn County.  She died in Chico in 1948.  She was quite a lady and in some respects ahead of her time.  She was a nurse, a pharmacist (PhG), a business woman (Orland Drug Store) and active with the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and Methodist Church.  More information about her life can be found on her page < > in Keith's Genealogy Site.

May Cushman as a child.

May Cushman about 16 years (from tin-plate).

May Cushman, age about 16 years.

Sisters, May & Helen Cushman

Childrens' Hospital, San Francisco, where May went to nursing school.

May's Nursing Class, Children's Hospital, May in back row, left of center. (According to family lore, this was their first graduating class.)

Nurse May.

May Cushman & friends (nursing friends?). May in rear right.

May cropped out of picture to left.

Apparently a graduation photo, but not sure where or when (possibly from pharmacy school..?).

May the professional person

A blowup from photo to left.

16may_wedding.JPG (16566 bytes)

May's wedding photo (1894).

17may_portrait.JPG (25410 bytes)

An undated portrait of May.

18may_doris.JPG (37068 bytes)

Photo taken on porch of Orland home shortly after daughter's birth in Mar 1901.

May Birch with daughter Doris, 1901

May in yard of Orland home. Daughter Doris sitting on ground to left.

May in her later years.

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