Wheeler Boys Monkey Wrench & Get the Bondo Beam Running for Kent (March 2003)

Patrick, who has had a long term interests in sports cars, gave his father his 1965 Sunbeam Alpine Series V in 1997. This "fixer-upper" was a Patrick's "cast off" as he was upgrading to a cleaner Series V.  At this point Keith needed a hobby in his recovery from medical problems.  This fun little car was being disassembled for some much needed repairs just when Keith had to go back in to the hospital for another heart surgery. The Alpine sat neglected in the shop as Keith did not have the energy to complete the repairs. Years went by and then son Kent needed a second vehicle to backup his work truck.  Son Patrick suggested all 3 Wheeler Boys gather to get the Alpine running again.  So, on March 9th and 10th, all gathered in the Mad River shop to get the "Bondo Beam" running again.  Surprisingly, after a day and a half, Kent was driving it down the mountain towards his home on the coast.


On a rainy Sunday afternoon the guys dive in to the engine compartment.

Some things go well - others do not.

By Monday morning the sun is out & the Alpine is running.

Before heading out ...

... from Mad River ...

... its photo time.

Kent & his dad Keith ...

... pose while Patrick ...

... shoots this series.

Never to be a prize winner, ..

.. it's still a fun car!

Nice day --- fun time!

Brothers Patrick & Kent pose here.

Time to leave ...

Kent zooms up to the road ...

Patrick will follow in his Camry.

July 2009 Update - Still Running

After a little professional work, Kent brings the Beam back to Woodley  Island Marina on Humboldt Bay in Eureka, California. The Beam & Kent find a familiar parking place near Kent's work rigs. This shot shows the nearness to Kent's live-aboard sailboat Yara moored at the Marina.

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