AnyaWeb6 (37 images) - 14 July to 21 October 2005

Anya Florence Furman, daughter of Annabel Temple & Richard Furman, joined our family 6 June 2005.  The previous 5 AnyaWebs record this lovely young lady's growth from birth through just a little over her first month.  This web covers Anya from about age 1 month + 1 week to about 4½ months.  She is growing and progressing rapidly.  She and her family think she is about the most special little person ever!

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Anya shares a hammock with grandpa

16 July 2005

It's too hot to do much but nap

16 July 2005

Mom & Dad go rafting while Anya stays cool with Gram

16 July 2005

Perhaps a little ride in the boat with mom? 

16 July 2005

Uncle Kent

holds Anya

26 Oct 2005

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