May 2004 

Dedication Festival for the Slogvik Stone

A contingent of some 20 Norwegian friends traveled all the way to San Francisco to help dedicate the stone in Napa.  

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The historical envoys from Tysvær are packed and ready to travel to America Rotraud leads the delegation as it disembarks at San Francisco International Airport Einar's sister, Jorunn and Rotraud enjoy this windy view of San Francisco 
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Breakfast at the hotel with other visiting dignitaries wearing project t-shirts. On the day of the dedication in Napa a special gift of artwork from Tysvær The bautastein after the unveiling features a carved image of the Restauration
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A special banquet at the Sacramento Valley Roney ranch Keith, Rotraud, Einar, and cousin Wilma (from Florida) enjoy the Japanese Garden in Golden Gate Park May 17th festivities at the Norwegian Seaman's Church with ladies in their Rogaland bunads.  

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