During a July heat spell, Rotraud & Einar arrive on the west coast of the US for a 3 week visit to California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

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Keith, Rotraud and Einar stand among the tall redwood trees. Rotraud, Cheryl & Einar arrange the kransekake for Keith's birthday. Filling in as teachers at the language class at Sons of Norway in Eureka, CA.
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At the floating restaurant on Lake Ponderay in north Idaho. at the Stonehenge replica at Maryhill, Washington Standing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon
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The rose garden at Shore Acres State Park, Oregon coast. Jakob Anderson Slogvik family reunion on the Sacramento River near Corning. Before the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco, California

     We didn't know it then, but Rotraud was already feeling the effects of the cancer on this trip.  Her back and legs had given her some difficulty with the flight . . .     


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. . .  We all attributed it to the strain of getting in the late harvest of the grass on the farm so they could make this trip on schedule.

Aboard the San Francisco Cable Car

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