New Zealand Photo Album - #4 of 4

(after wedding - October 21-24, 2004 - Thu-Sun.)

Notable Spanish architecture in downtown Christchurch, now featuring boutique restaurants and shops.

Christchurch tram way -- a good way to see the center of town and its many offerings.

The Worcester Blvd bridge over the river Avon in the city center.  That's New Zealand, not England..

The modern architecture of the National Art Gallery contrast well with the more traditional architecture elsewhere.

A good example of the traditional architecture of brick that dominates the city at the church and the university.

The Christchurch cathedral and square at the center of the old town and tourist activity complete with stalls and buskers.

This structure invites a variety of titles suggested by locals & visitors at the city's center.

This charming edifice of the Canterbury Museum faces the Botanical park.

We arrived at the Hagley Park too near sunset to enjoy it fully, but it was obviously a fantastic place.

Peg liked the gargoyles on the capitals of these columns at an ornate building near the park.

Boarding the tranzcoastal for the trip to Picton to catch the ferry for Wellington & back to the N. Island

This is the only photo we seem to have taken of Kaikoura Peninsula across the South Bay, noted for nature experiences. 

Approaching the agricultural areas south of Blenheim, we cross this river with snow capped mountains behind.

Once aboard the ferry we can relax from the connections & enjoy the scenery again, as we head to Wellington on the north Island.

Here the funicular (they call it a "cable car") at Wellington has taken us up to a place with a fine view of the harbor city.

Overlooking Wellington & the University

It's a guy thing, but this WWI German cannon brought back as a war trophy caught his eye.

Early the next morning we walked the short distance to the RR station for the 12 hr. journey to Auckland.

Arriving in Auckland after dark, we sort our things for the trek to the hotel across the street.

The foot of Queen Street in downtown Auckland on our final day in New Zealand

Outside the Maritime Museum which we enjoyed immensely.

Our lunch restaurant overlooked this fine old ship near the Maritime Museum.

Here lies Mrs. Chippy, the famed victim of the Shackleton/Endurance Tragedy. (for a close-up of the interpretive wording above - CLICK HERE)

The last photo of New Zealand with the Auckland Sky Tower in the distance (taken near the Maritime Museum) .

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