Peg og Keith Wheeler 

of Mad River, California,

Wish our Friends & Relatives in Norway & the U.S. 

En strålende 17. mai til deg !!


A splendid Constitution Day to you!


We hope you all have a fantastic 

Syttende Mai 2007 !

(17th of May 2007)



Our flags will be flying here in Mad River, California, USA this year to honor this special day in Norway.


Last year we also celebrated this special holiday 3 days after the 17th in Santa Rosa, California, with the "Santa Rosa Slooper Son" dedication at the local Odd Fellows Cemetery.  Visit the "Slooper Son" web site for details (updating on that site to come). 


This year we will also remember our guests from Norway who came to California to help us dedicate the "Slooper bautastein" in Napa May 15, 2004.

Two days later, on the 17th, we gathered with our friends at San Francisco's Norwegian Seaman's Church* overlooking the Bay.  Please visit the photo album from that memorable day.


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For more relevant history, check out 

Geir Ottesen's May 2005 article:

"17th May and the memorable year 1814" 

Should any of our US family & friends want to know more about this holiday, check out these sites:


in California, USA

01seamans_church.JPG (66857 bytes)


TWO YEARS AGO we had the privilege to attend San Francisco's Norwegian Seaman's Church with this striking group of Rogaland folks! 

(See 2004 Photo Album)

"The 17th of May" by StavangerWeb


Another "17th of May" site from Stavanger


And great photos from 17 May 2006 celebrations in the Haugesund area of northern Rogaland fylke thanks to the Haugesund Today web site - and photos from the 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002 celebrations!!


 in Tysvær, Rogaland

17may03.jpg (46269 bytes)

 With their San Francisco Troll tee-shirts on, Einar & PC Slogvik get ready for the celebration!


More northern Rogaland photos


2002 in Karmøy

karmoygroup.jpg (48869 bytes)

The Slogvik & Ebne families prepare for the festivities at the Ebne home on Karmøy. (L to R: Einar, Ingrid, Sigrun, Kristin & Rotraud - photo taken by Kjell

Girls wearing Rogaland bunader - Jelsa type.


You are invited to visit our Slooper Monument Project  pages for the Napa bautastein story


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